Zafer Younis

San Francisco - USA

With the aim of working with world-leading governments, corporations, and Institutional Investors on capital deployment and ecosystem development strategies and execution, Zafer founded Silicon Valley Venture and Innovation (SVVI) in 2018 in San Francisco.

Zafer worked with entrepreneurs from all over the world as a partner at 500 Startups (2015-2018), through 500's acceleration programs in Silicon Valley and it's Ecosystem Development Programs around the world. In 2016, Zafer launched 500 Startups' Ecosystem Development Programs in Japan which scaled to Australia and Latin America in 2017. He created and led 500 Startups' Corporate Startup Innovation (CSI) Program in San Francisco which aims at getting corporations and startups to innovate together.

Previously, Zafer co-founded The Online Project where his team developed and executed digital strategies for Fortune 500 companies and high profile organizations. In 2004, Zafer co-founded his first company: Modern Media, LTD, a media house that owns and operates popular radio stations which received recognition from the US-based National Association for Broadcasters in 2007 (In 2014 Modern Media was acquired by D&C Electronics).

Ramzi Halaby

Dubai - UAE

Ramzi Halaby is the CEO and Founder of The Online Project, the leading digital media agency in the Middle East. And the Middle East and North Africa representative for the SVVI.

Ramzi spent the last 2 decades introducing new technologies to regulators, governments, and large scale organization in the Middle East and North Africa. Ramzi has capitalized on innovation waves one after the other. As a founding team member of the first regional SMS Value Added Services Provider in MENA, the founder of the first privately owned and run Radio network, and the founder of the first Social Media services provider in the region,  Ramzi mastered the craft of new media and technology large enterprise business and partnership development.

Having set up offices and presence in KSA, UAE, Jordan, Oman, and Egypt. And served clients in 12 of the region’s leading markets. Ramzi’s on the ground execution experience is an asset and an advantage. The genuine partnerships he has created throughout the years, combined with his astute business instinct, have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales for the companies he has built and partnered with. His attention to detail and attentiveness to clients ensures that promises are always met and expectations are always exceeded.

Tetsuya Yamashita

Tokyo - Japan

With a passion for helping business leaders & innovators build successful business models, strategies and brands. Tetsuya has more than 25 years of experience leading sophisticated technology and business deployments in Japan. 

Examples of Yamashita's work include building the first Silicon Valley Startup Acceleration Program in Japan. RF system evolution from 2G to 3G, M2M business, global mobile internet service and multiple smartphone technologies. Many of these projects involve public-private partnerships, global technology deployments, and global and Japanese investors. 

Yamashita is also a council member of Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG). and previously the Senior Vice President of NTT DoCoMo USA Inc.


Examples of current and previous governments and organizations SVVI and team members served: