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SVVI is a boutique, independent consulting firm offering strategic partnership and capital formation services.



Silicon Valley Venture & Innovation


SVVI is a boutique, independent consulting firm offering strategic partnership and capital formation services. We help US-based innovative technologists and VCs access the most relevant, lucrative international partnerships. Our job is to understand your strategy, find you the right partners, and facilitate value driven long-lasting relationships.

We only work with top-tier venture capital fund managers and category-leading technology companies. We expand their international investor & client base. Our objective is to create strategic and financial value.

We have done this dozens of times. We crafted our process through years of experience. We measure our success by dollars funded, revenue generated, and savings accomplished.

 We value transparency, alignment, and time.




SVVI For VCs // SVVI For Innovators

SVVI for VCs

We have built a vibrant network of capital allocators across the Middle East, Japan, and the US. High net-worth individuals, family offices, institutional investors, and sovereign wealth funds looking for allocations in sought after technology investment opportunities.

 We look for fund managers with a solid track record, outlook, value add, and the commitment and discipline required to build an investment platform to scale and serve LPs long term. On the other hand, we work with allocators who understand and appreciate such platforms, with a proven track record of commitment to the managers they back through the up and down cycles.

 In today‚Äôs volatile capital markets, there is no alternative to geographic diversification. We understand the intricacies of the geographies we work across and can matchmake with precision. Our introductions yielded 150M+ USD in capital commitments in the last 12 months.




SVVI For VCs // SVVI For Innovators

SVVI for Innovative Technology Companies

We partner with category leading, innovative technology companies and assist them to forge critical partnerships to make their international expansion a success. We have a deep understanding and first-hand experience in establishing a presence for technology companies approaching Japan, the Middle-East, North Africa and SEA.

We know the best resources in each one of our markets to get the best human capital, regulatory framework, anchor clients, key partnerships or investors.

We fully align our incentives with the founders and teams of these technology companies. We are selective and conviction-driven. We are after true partnerships that yield and compound value in the long term.